Various RAL color shades / Textures 1000 (width)×1700 (high)×3500 (length)

Powder coating system EUROIMPIANTI EURO90 & MS Oberflächentechnik can carry out the production with conveyor speed of 1-3 m/min, and consists of:

  1. Pre-treatment tunnel
  2. Drying oven
  3. Bell curing oven
  4. Powder coating spray booth
  5. Monorail overhead conveyor


The working cycle includes the following stages:

  • pieces loading
  • phosphodegreasing
  • washing
  • rinsing
  • drying
  • coating
  • powders curing
  • cooling
  • pieces unloading

Product is in compliance with the standards in force at present:

  • Mechanical resistance according to the standards DIN 53151, DIN 53153, DIN 53156
  • Corrosion tests according to the standards ASTM B117 61, DIN 50017, DIN 50018

All systems are supplied along with CE certification and in conformity with the European directive 94/9/CE – ATEX.


DSC_4700  DSC_4709

The waterfall counter-flow system is designed for phosphodegreasing and washing of pieces before coating, for a perfect surface quality. The system modularity allows use of hot and cold stages in order to meet the requirements of the treatment cycles.

Thanks to the waterfall counter flow system, the washing water is used again to feed the hot treatments tanks. This way, one gets a considerable water, heat and chemical product saving.


Draying oven is perfectly integrated in the curing oven, it is at the same time separated from it through its own ventilation system and a lateral wall. Two air curtains are provided in order to optimize the entry and exit performances. They create a barrier against heat and exert a blowing action.

Conceived to obtain high performances, the curing oven with U route adopts the heating system with indirect air exchange. It is safer than the free flame direct systems and allows, besides an ultra insulation, considerable energy savings. The recirculation ventilation system distributed along the whole oven length assures a perfect distribution of polymerization temperatures along the whole route.


MS Corona powder guns & Powder Cycle

MS Corona powder guns display an excellent powder charging and extremely high degree of application. State-of-the art digital control and high voltage technology improve the penetration depth, surface finish and powder consumption. The easy-to-clean gun construction establish the prerequisites for an optimal long service life of spare parts and for a fast, automated colour change.

The overspray in the PVC plastic cabin, which is powder repellent and has a sandwich design,  is led through the soil extraction and sucked by the integrated suction line.

The powder recovery takes place by the mono cyclone. On  loss operation the powder gets through the automatic plug delivery directly into the MS absolute filter or on recovery mode to the powder kitchen through the MS ultrasonic sieving system into the fluidized powder pot.

The cleaning of the powder suction and promotion system, powder tubes and guns takes place automatically in the cleaning mode. Special powder tubes and gun construction prohibit powder deposits. In the powder circuit are max. about 3kg powder in circulation. Therefore also small batch sizes can be operated on recovery mode. All this components together makes a color change in 8 minutes possible.

MS Oberflächentechnik  (www.msnews.ch) has developed into a leading manufacturer of powder coating equipment.


Operated through a motorized driving unit with electronically controlled speed. Manufactured to support heavy loads and work conditions, it covers the cycle continuously from the beginning to the end and conveys the pieces to the hangers adapted by the user. The chain cleaning and lubrication system is automatic.